Life tends to throw a lot of challenges our way when we lack clarity and it tends to hand us opportunity when our head and heart are in total alignment.

Our sessions will focus on deliberately choosing to take action that inspires you. When you are feeling inspired you are unstoppable, energetic and a magnet for business.

What you get:

  • Reserved times where we focus on you! We will strategize to immediately move you towards your desired outcome and away from actions that feels painful and exhausting!
  • The ability to schedule unlimited follow up sessions with our private link. You will feel our support and presence 24/7.
  • Ability to call, text and email your Strategy Partner so that you can get answers to questions between scheduled sessions. Nothing will slow us down!
  • No long-term contract! Our strategy sessions are month to month and can start and stop at your convenience.


You know what they say: You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Our secret shopping service engages your business through web, email, phone, social and text to check levels of responsiveness, customer service and professionalism.

What you get:

  • A personal consultation to ensure we create a realistic client profile for our secret shopping mission
  • A full, visual report of every interaction we have with your team (phone, email, text, web chat, social media, etc)
  • 5 tips and strategies to improve your customer service levels to ensure raving fans and a never-ending stream of customer referrals!


A multi-step interview process, which involves multiple stages or rounds of interviews, can offer several benefits for both the employer and the candidates. 

Our partnership will allow you to stay focused on building your business while we assess your potential new team member to see if they are a qualified match for the business and your culture/personality!

What you get:

  • “Strengths Assessment": This report helps salespeople see how their innate talents contribute to greater success in their sales role. This report includes the candidate’s  top 10 personality themes, personalized skill reports, sales-specific insights and more tips for future development and how to coach them when they join your business 
  • Motivational Interview & Life Story Interview: Uncover what 4 things will motivate this candidate to take action and keep them committed. Also, see a visual representation of the candidate’s history from last education to today so you can see the trajectory they are on. This will include where they worked, what they learned, highs and lows of each role and what they earned
  • Reference checks: Personal calls to each character reference as well as a custom report of the results so you can make an informed decision

Let's make your business fun again!

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